TBM Rules


 All state, federal, and local laws must be obeyed at all times otherwise you will be disqualified for. the day.

1. Contestants will abstain from consumption of alcoholic beverages until after tournament hours

2. Each contestant is required to wear a Coast Guard approved life preserver anytime the boat is on plane

3. The kill switch (MUST BE EQUIPPED) must be attached to the boat operator anytime the boat is on plane

4. Due to inclement weather, the tournament director may shorten the tournament hours or cancel it for the safety of its members

5. Tournament hours are safelight to 3:00pm, safelight will be determined by the tournament director each team will be given a poker chip with the boat number and check-in time on it, flights will be in increments of 15 boat per flight. If your poker chip is not in the bucket by your designated check in time on your poker chip your team will be disqualified. (IF YOU LEAVE EARLY YOU CAN PUT YOUR CHIP IN THE BED OF ONE OF THE ADMINS TRUCKS PLEASE AND THANK YOU)

6. Trailering is only allowed due to inclement weather and at the tournament directors discretion

7. No fishing or being on the water is allowed from 6:00pm the night before until you launch your boat that tournament morning no more than 2 hours before tournament start time

8. No fishing is allowed from outside your boat or within 50 yards of an anchored or tied boat with its trolling motor in the stored position without the express permission of its occupants unless they are blocking a right of way

9. Only artificial lures may be used, No live or cut-bait is allowed

10. Only one rod per person may be in use at any one time, Each cast must be completed before another is made

11. Trolling with the main engine is NOT allowed

12. The bag limit for each tournament shall be 5 fish per team per day


14. A penalty of 1lb. Per dead fish weighed will be assessed against the teams total weight, If the big bass to be weighed is dead, the 1lb. Penalty will be subtracted from the big bass weight. No culling of dead fish (DQ WILL RESULT IF CAUGHT)

15. Only Largemouth, Smallmouth, and spotted bass will be weighed. State and lake rules apply to the size limit. “Golden Rule” will be the official measuring board used by the tournament director. Fish will be measured with the mouth closed and tail compressed. We will fan the tail and its longest point will be the length. We will not turn the fish over. (ILLEGAL SIZED FISH WILL RESULT IN DQ)

16. Angler of the year weight only counts if you fish with the same partner or solo

17. Maximum of 2 persons per boat.

18. Taking and making videos is permitted during tournament hours

19. Upon entering the fishing tournament, contestants release Texas Bass Mafia officials and sponsors from liability of accidents, loss or theft. Contestants are responsible for knowing and understanding this rule

20. Pay 2 Big Bass after 20 entries pay 1-5

21. 5 fish limit in boat (at anytime) bring all fish to weigh in at one time

22. All fish must be 14” (Except when state law says diffrent)

23. $100.00 entry includes BB

24. All protest must have evidence, photo,video,ect. Hear say is not valid

25. Only qualified contestants are allowed to be in the boat at the championship

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